Most of us are practically sitting all day long. With all that sitting, year in and year out, the strain on your back can mount.

When you use good sitting posture, you are supporting the three natural curves of your spine. Good sitting posture is also the most comfortable posture. When you slouch, the strain on your back can multiply and damage the sensitive structures of your spine. This unnecessary strain can lead to back ache, stiffness, muscle fatigue and even injury.

Most chairs we use are poorly designed for back comfort. No matter what kind of chair you use you must adjust the way you sit to reduce the strain on your back. A lumbar support helps keep your spine aligned, so that when you do even simple tasks, you can reduce back ache and fatigue.

Porta-PillowPORTA-PILLOW by BACKAID is an orthopedically designed pillow for the relief and prevention of back pain. It is portable and inflatable, adjusting for individual comfort and giving support. BACKAID BACK SUPPORT, is a remarkably effective and economically new way to relieve and prevent back pain. Developed by orthopedic surgeon, Dr. David G. Lehrman, M.D., F.A.C.S. It is easily inflatable and fits in your pocket or purse and goes everywhere you go. Home, office, restaurants and movies, autos and airplanes.

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