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The back exercises and body mechanics you learn should become a natural part of your life, spontaneously performed as though they were second nature. Your are "the captain of your ship". A physician or health care professional can only recommend. Whether or not you choose to follow recommendations is your personal decision, a decision determined by self motivation, discipline, patience, and time directed towards constructive needs.

Exercise religiously, make it a priority each day and a gift to yourself for good health.

Set aside a regular time, usually two periods a day. Treat yourself to a time when you are alert and not too tired. Prior to bedtime is convenient, but not usually the best time for exercise.

ExerciseDoing a few exercises well will achieve better results than doing a larger number poorly. Do each exercise slowly and gracefully. If you have significant discomfort while doing any exercise, stop that exercise for several days, resuming carefully after that with fewer repetitions. Often you will be using muscles which are not normally utilized in activity and you may experience mild stiffness or soreness between exercise periods; this is normal. If soreness last beyond the first few days, you are probably exercising too vigorously or progressing too rapidly, so slow down!

At one time or another eight out of ten American will be incapacitated with back pain, unable to work, or enjoy life. Now you can do something about your bad back! At home, without drugs, prolonged bedrest or costly and possibly unnecessary surgery.

"Your back is a finely tuned instrument. Its many interlocking parts work together precisely to allow you maximum flexibility and freedom of movement. Uncared for, the back structures can weaken, making you susceptible to injury and pain".

"Begin and stay with an organized program of physical exercises emphasizing general fitness, aerobic capacity and specific reconditioning of the muscles that support the spine".


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